Picky Eater Personal Assessment And Follow Up Plan

Struggling with a picky eater and don't know where to turn? Get a personal assessment with Dr Orlena Kerek

Personal Advice for your Child

Many parents of toddlers and picky eaters struggle  with the stress and frustration of watching their child refuse to eat foods.

Unfortunately our parental anxiety often contributes to making the situation worse.

A personal assessment with me (Dr Orlena Kerek) will pin point what the main issues are and what you need to do to help your child.

My emphasis is on creating a "happy eating environment", not pressuring your child to eat and providing them with healthy food options.

Easier said than done in our busy world!

Who is this for?

Parents of children who have "developmental picky eating".

Children who do not have any underlying medical or psychological reason for being a picky eater.

What I call "normal picky eating".

(Please note, that "normal picky eating" is incredibly frustrating and can have a huge impact on family life. It can also last for many years.)

Who is this not for?

Parents of children who have a known underlying cause for their picky eating (e.g. Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, swallowing problems.)

If your child is diagnosed with either a physical or mental disorder and you'd still like to do an assessment, please contact before purchasing.

Assessment Forms

Fill out your assessment forms.


Arrange a time to chat on Skype or FaceTime so that you can explain YOUR situation to Dr Orlena.

Follow Up Plan

Receive your follow up Plan of Action!

Personal Assessment Packages

The packages are tailored to suit your needs. The bigger packages include more video calls.
PLEASE NOTE after purchase you'll be sent to an "empty course". Do not panic! I will contact you to arrange the assessment!



Assessment Forms

1 hour video call

Follow up Plan





Assessment Forms

1 hour video call

Follow up Plan

1 hour video call after 2 months




Assessment Forms

1 hour video call

Follow up Plan

2 x 1 hour follow up calls (2 month apart)



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