About Dr Orlena

You’re a busy parent but you want to raise healthy and happy kids.

You know that healthy habits are the key to a long and healthy life for your kids, but where do you start?

You want your toddler to eat healthy food but they shout and scream.

You want to teach your kids to develop healthy habits but you feel lost and overwhelmed.

I believe teaching your kids how to enjoy healthy eating and living can be pain-free and even fun!

Lovely Reader Notes

“One of my 2½ year old twins is an extremely picky eater, and I am trying to help him learn to eat a variety of healthy foods. Your approach is so positive and not overwhelming that it really feels like something I can do!” Laura

“Dr Orlena Kerek offers helpful tips, a relaxed approach and decades of practical experience. This pediatrician and mom of 4 has great insight into feeding toddlers, even the most picky little eaters, without making meal time a battle zone. Her stressful free, practical approach will help you take a deep breath and feel confident in providing your toddler with healthy eating habits for life.” Erin


Imagine waking up with a smile on your face because you know that you are nurturing healthy habits in your children.

Imagine your relationship with your kids is fun (no more screaming at the dinner table!)

Imagine feeling confident that your kids are eating a healthy and balanced diet that will follow them into adulthood.

When you join the Happy Healthy Eating for Kids community you’ll learn easy, lasting and fun ways to teach your kids to live a healthy and full life. And to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

 My Story

Before becoming a mother I expected parenting to be easy, I’d have a great relationship with my kids, no stress and above all I’d teach them healthy habits, especially healthy eating habits. Surely that would be easy for a pediatric doctor?

Then I had kids.

Little bundles of noise and chaos with minds of their own. I suddenly realised that healthy eating wasn’t as easy as just giving them vegetables and watching them eat. They ate the cookies and left the broccoli. When I encouraged them to eat vegetables they’d either scream or throw them at me.

I developed healthy feeding habits based on current research.

I learnt to be patient and persistent and was amazed by the results. My children love candy and cake like normal kids but I am no longer worried. I am confident that they eat a healthy and balanced diet (including green things) and are learning healthy habits that will follow them into adulthood.

I will share my methods with you, my easy and fun ways to teach your kids healthy eating and living.


More Lovely Notes

"I thought I knew what healthy eating was but it was great to go through the basics again. I love the way Orlena emphasises not stressing about your kid’s diet and not pushing them to eat."

“It's great to read a parenting site by someone so qualified. Knowing that the information is coming from a pediatrician is great, and the advice is very practical, reassuring and easy to follow.”



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