What You Need To Know About Feeding Your Baby and Toddler

Before I had kids, I thought that getting children to eat a healthy diet was as easy as offering them healthy foods. Boy did I have that wrong!

How can feeding your baby or toddler be so amazingly difficult? 

I have invited Natalia, to come and help us feed our babies and toddler in a stress free way whilst feeding them a healthy diet and teaching them healthy eating habits.

Who is Natalia?

Natalia Stasenko from from Feeding Bytes is a pediatric dietitian and mom of three children. She shares her valuable knowledge on how to feed our babies and toddlers the right way.

She presents an easy way to follow method including all the important milestones that our child will be going through before they become a toddler and all the small changes  we  need to implement so that we keep motivating them to feed themselves and prevent future eating problems.

How to Introduce Solids Video (50 Minutes)

The Main Feeding Milestones for Babies

When your child is between six and twenty...

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Smarter Snacking for Kids

The snacks we feed our kids can make or break their healthy eating. Kids are clever cookies and will happily spurn your healthy spinach lunch and save themselves us for the golden opportunity to eat an entire packet of cookies (getting far more than their daily calorie requirement!)

On the other hand, if you're smart with your snacks, your kids will eat healthy food throughout the day. When you get to dinner you won't be worried about whether or not they eat their vegetables because they've been eating healthy food all day.

Plus, if you give them healthy and tasty snacks, they won't even realise that they're eating "healthy food", it will just be "tasty food" for them.

Today Sally from Real Mom Nutrition is going to help us get smart about our snacking tactics!

Who is Sally?

Sally from Real Mom Nutrition is a registered dietitian. She’s a mom of two boys.

She started her blog because when she had kids and realized how difficult it could be at times to feed them in a healthy...

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Cooking with Kids. Age Appropriate Tips

Holly Grainger is registered dietitian. You can find her at Holley Grainger. She is a mom to two little girls, Ellie, who is almost six, and Francis, who is three. She shares her recipe for success when it comes to cooking with kids and bringing them into the kitchen, as well as some tips on how to break it down by age.

Cooking with Kids Video by Holly Graniger

Healthy Eating for Kids Summit

This video was originally part of the Healthy Eating for Kids Summit. If you'd like lifetime access to all the videos in the summit, you can purchase access here.

The Recipe for Success in the Kitchen

The first thing before anything else when it comes to cooking with kids is that you have to go in with the attitude that you're going to have fun.

If it's six forty five and your family is looking at you and wondering what to eat for dinner and you're thinking to have a little time with the kids in the kitchen, it’s probably not the best idea.

When you bring your kids into the kitchen...

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How to Help Your Picky Eater Without Getting Stressed

Laura Fuentes shares some of the picky eater strategies that she learned over the last seven years of getting help for her picky eaters. She is the founder and CEO of MOMables.com and Laura Fuentes where she helps parents feed their families fresh food on an everyday basis with meal plans, recipes and so many other things.

Help Your Picky Eater Video with Laura Fuentes

How to Determine Whether Your Child is Picky

I want to explain a little bit the difference between selective eaters and a really a true picky eater.

The clinical definition of a picky eater is a child who will eat anywhere around twenty foods or less. I’m talking twenty ingredients.

You have to sit down with a piece of paper and figure out if your child eats less than twenty. If so, seeking additional help from professionals is a good idea. That way you can establish if it is something clinical like swallowing issues or a food allergy. There’s a lot of contributing factors that can make a...

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What Vegetables are Bad Vegetables? How do I get my Child to Drink Water?

In my Happy Healthy Eating for Kids Facebook group, one of the moms asked which vegetables are bad vegetables and how to get her child to drink more water.

If you'd like to join the group, we'd love to have you. You can join here.

Which Vegetables are Bad Vegetables?

In a nutshell, I think that there are no bad vegetables. I understand that some vegetables have a bit of a bad press and there are lots of reasons for this.

If you look at fruits, some fruits have very high sugar content like watermelons, grapes, dates and other tropical fruits. 

It depends how you are using these fruits. If you are using these fruits as a treat then that’s alright. I do think that we need to be careful of high sugar but I don’t think that we need to be overly anxious about it.

Little girl holding a vegetable and helping cook a healthy dinner with lots of vegetables #badfruits #badvegetables #healthyfoods #healthyeating #healthymeals #healthyoptions #drinkingwater #parenting #positiveparenting #healthykids #parenting #parentingtoddler

Related: One Little Trick to Create Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

Think Fruit for Snacks

I think that if you get your children into this habit of turning to fruits as a snack rather than cookies and packets,...

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When Picky Eating Becomes a Problem and What To Do About It


Until you have a child who's a picky eater, it's difficult to image the impact that it can have on your entire family life. Jo Cormack is a feeding specialist who helps families with picky eaters return to a calm and peaceful way of life, especially at meal times.

When Picky Eating Becomes a Problem Video by Jo Cormack


Is Picky Eating Just A Phase?

Picky eating covers a huge variety of people and one of the questions that people always ask me is, is it a phase and how do you know it's a phase?

Picky eating covers a really wide range of behaviors from a child who just doesn't like their squid to a child who is only eating three foods.

Picky Eating is a Spectrum

It is important to distinguish between mentally normal picky eating which is more about the boundary challenging and attention seeking and the other end of the scale, the very problematic eating, which is characterized by anxiety type behaviours.

Two Thirds of Picky Eaters Grow Out of It

Research says two...

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Everything You Need to Know About Processed Foods

It's bedtime and my son is complaining of a tummy ache. He's been at a friend's birthday party and has eaten more than his fair share of "treat" food (read candy, cookies and chocolate sandwiches made out of plastic bed.)

He's groaning in agony so I rub his tummy and bite my tongue because I want to say...

"What did you think would happen if all you ate was candy?"

I know this is a good learning opportunity (for when he's feeling better.)

Childhood Obesity Is Increasing

We all know that obesity in both adult and children is on the rise in the developed world. As parents, we want our kids to eat healthily and grow up to be healthy adults. Except most of us aren't really sure how to do it or exactly what a healthy diet for children is.

Processed Foods and Kids Video by Dr Orlena Kerek

What is a Healthy Diet for Kids?

Clearly eating heaps of candy is not a healthy option but that doesn't mean never eating candy.

A healthy diet is not excluding one thing or eating lots of another....

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Easy and Healthy Food Preparation Ideas

The kids are clamouring around my ankles like a flock of rambunctious seagulls. "Biscuits! Biscuits! Biscuits!" they cry.

They have got me! 

They know that I haven't got a healthy snack ready and waiting. They know this is their golden opportunity!

Preparing food can be time consuming. Trying out new recipes is even more time consuming.

Make Healthy Foods Part of the Routine

Today we're going to think about how to work preparing healthy foods into your routine and making small, sustainable changes one at a time.

Mother and daughter preparing a healthy meal #mealplanning #mealpreparation #healthymeals #foodpreparation #healthyfood

Working Healthy Food Preparation into Your Busy Routine Video

How Do You Buy Food?

Where you get your food is an integral part of food preparation. There are different options:

  • Super market
  • Farmer’s marker
  • On line

Buy Lots Of Fruit and Vegetables

I know that my way is not necessarily going to work for you but this is how I prepare meals at home.

I live very close to the market and I buy lots of vegetables that are on offer and in season.

I love...

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How Much Food Is Too Much for My Child?

Last summer I sat on the beach watching a family on holiday. The father had just bought a large but individual bottle of fizzy pop for his son who was an overweight teenager.

The boy drank what he wanted and left the rest.
The father, wanting to “get his money’s worth” from the bottle urged him to drink more.

“I’ve paid for it now! Drink it all!”

Looking at the scene from the outside, gave me a chance to reflect.

It’s easy to be critical of the father when it’s presented in this way.

I wonder if he knew exactly how much sugar was in that drink and exactly what an appropriate portion for his son is. I doubt it!

When we stop and think, we’ll probably find that we’re guilty of similar acts.

In fact, a recent survey in the UK found that 79% of parents offered their toddlers too much of “easy to eat and treat food”.

Children Portion Sizes Video

Toddler boy eating a healthy portion of sweet potatoes. #toddlermeal #toddlermealportions #foodportions #mealportions #foodportionfortoddler #mealportionfortoddler #toddlerfoodportions #toddlermealportions #portionsize #portionguide #toddlerportionguide #portionguidefortoddlers

We Eat More Now that We Used To

Healthy eating is a combination of WHAT...

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How Much Sugar is Recommended for Kids?


We were on the beach when "Mimi" (grandmother) arrived to greet a gaggle of expectant grandchildren. Having driven down from France, she was hot and tired.

As were the marshmallows she was holding in her hand.

My kids swarmed around her like bees to a honey pot.

Gracie, my niece, looked at them with trepidation, unsure of the sticky mess that was being proffered as a rare treat.

"You'll like them!" Her dad reassured her.

"They've got sugar in them!"

Isn't that the truth! Marshmallows definitely have sugar in them and children love anything that contains sugar.

What's the Big Deal About Sugar?

I'm sure you're aware that sugar contributes to children being overweight and obesity.

A little bit of sugar isn't anything to worry about but nowadays sugar is added to just about everything, even things that you wouldn't really expect to have sugar in.

Go check out your tin of baked beans. (In fact, this is a fantastic and really easy  sugar free baked beans recipe.)


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