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I'm Orlena. I'm a "retired" pediatric doctor and mother of 4.

I believe that teaching our kids to lead a happy and healthy life is one of the most important jobs us parents have.

I also think that teaching our kids healthy eating habits and to love healthy food can be easy and fun. When you know how.

That doesn't mean that every single fuss and complaint is going to disappear overnight.

It means that we can teach our kids long lasting healthy habits by giving them back control of what goes in their mouths (whilst we remain "in charge"...they don't get to live off cookies and candy!)

It means enjoying eating (including treats!) and finding ways to provide healthy foods in our busy lives.

My courses are designed to give you the tools that you need and inspire you on your healthy eating for kids journey.

Feeding Toddlers Quick Wins Solution

Go from stressed, worried and frustrated with a toddler who refuses to eat anything that you give them.... To relaxe...

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Healthy Eating for Kids Summit 2018

12 amazing talks to help you feed your kids a healthy and nutritious diet. From nutritionists, dieticians, feeding s...

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Healthy Eating for Kids Summit 2017

11 talks by nutritionists, doctors and feeding specialists to help you understand picky or fussy eating and to feed y...

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30 Day Pelvic Floor Foundation

30 Days to A Stronger Pelvic Floor Fed up of doing kegels? Want to try something new to combat the embarrassing "hav...

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Personal Assessment Packages

Personal advice for your picky eater with Dr Orlena Kerek Initial assessment (written and video call). Plan of Acti...

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The Picky Eater Solution

Struggling with a fussy or picky eater who won't eat vegetables? Worried that your child's diet is getting narrower ...

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